Stay safe and keep moving

With the Verahealth app, your customers and employees can easily complete their health screening questions safely from home. This provides them with Verahealth’s VeraPass for 24 hours so they can breeze by long lines.

Daily screening

Students, athletes and employees complete their daily health screening questionnaire at home. Upon completion, the user receives an VeraPass screen based on the results. Screening results are also available to school nurses or wellness staff for review.


Following completion of their daily screening, users receive an VeraPass. This screen serves as a passport to access facilities and indicate satisfactory completion of health screening. The built-in QR code is user specific. It  serves as a method for objective fever confirmation and a voluntary self-reporting contact tracing mechanism.

Symptom reporting

The symptom reporting feature provides a tool for users to report early-onset symptoms for everyone in their household. This critical tool provides school nurses and wellness staff an early warning before pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals arrive on property. Through early action we are able to stop viral spread before it jumps from one population to another.

Real-time health dashboard

With the Verahealth app comes a dynamic dashboard that updates as users in your network make changes on the fly. Stay informed in your organization, and keep your facilities safe.

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